Kombo Rent A Car - FAQ

How to book a vehicle?

Online on our website.
Send your inquiry by e-mail to [email protected] and we will respond with the offer as soon as possible.
Call Kombo rent a car by phone at +382 69 672-777.

Can, besides me, another person drive the car?

Yes, if that person is indicated in rental agreement. in some cases it is necessary to pay a lower fee for additional driver service.

What if I have a problem with the vehicle?

Komombo Rent a Car provides support at any time. You will receive all details on renting.

What kind of insurance are there?

Third party liability is included in the price. This insurance covers damages to third parties, caused by Kombo Rent A Car clients.

CDW(Collision Damage Waiver) and TP(Theft Protection) is included in rental price- This insurance limits clients liability for damage and theft of vehicles to the excess amount. Excess amounts are indicated in Rental Conditions section.

Super Insurance (Extra CDW, EXTRA TP & WTP) is not included in rental price - Purchasing of Super insurance covers clients liability. Rates for Super insurances are defined by Kombo Rent a Car price list and you can find those during process of reservation.

Extra CDW-Insurace which fully covers damage to the car, excluding windscreen and tires. No excess amount with it.

Extra TP-Insurance which covers car theft. No excess with it.

WTP(Windscreen and Tires Protection)-Insurance which covers damage to windscreen and tires. No excess with it. 

Full Protection - Extra CDW+Extra TP+WTP- Full insurance packege. Fully covers damage, theft, windscreen and tires.

Is there a limitation regarding the age of vehicle rental?

You must be 22 years old or older and be 3 years in possession of a driver's license. For some (larger) vehicle groups, restrictions are higher.

What personal documents do I have to give for rent?

You must provide a valid driver's license in your name issued in the country in which you reside. You need to provide a valid credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD) and a personal document.
Credit card is authorized.

Autorisation serves as a guarantee of rental payments as well as possible additional costs that may occure during rental of the vehicle (possible delays, lack of fuel, damage to the vehicle that are not covered by insurance, traffic fines, etc.).

What is a car rental agreement?

The Vehicle Rental Agreement is a formal contract for the use of a rented vehicle signed by Kombo Rent a Car and a vehicle user. Kombo Rent a Car gives the user a vehicle under the conditions specified in this contract.

Should I check the condition of the vehicle before starting the ride?

Yes, it is necessary to check the vehicle condition recorded on a special vehicle condition form and if any irregularity is detected that has not been recorded, please inform Kombo Rent a Car.


Is there a limitation on the kilometers?

Our rates include unlimited mileage with the exception of special types of vehicles.

Can I cross the state border with the vehicle?

Driving outside the borders of Montenegro is permitted just with written permission of Kombo Rent a Car.

What in case of mechanical breakdown or a traffic accident?

Kombo Rent a Car provides support at any time. Phone numbers are listed on the contract and documents. In the event of a malfunction or an accident during the rent, call the nearest Kombo rent a car office. Do not forget to call the police in the event of an accident at number 122.


What if I'm late to returning a vehicle?

Delay can have an effect on the rental price. We are tolerating delays up to 2 hours. For a longer delays, an extra day is charged.

Do I need to return a full tank of fuel?

All vehicles are rented in a current fuel condition and should be returned in the same way, otherwise, fuel and filling services are charged.

Can I extend my rent?

Rental extension is possible only with the agreement with the employee of Kombo Rent a Car.

Can I return the vehicle out of working hours?

Yes, but it is necessary to check this possibility with our workers.

Do I need to check the condition of the vehicle before checking out the vehicle?

Yes, if you notice a new damage, please inform our worker.

Does Kombo Rent a Car offer one-way rentals?

One-way rentals within or out of the borders of Montenegro are possible with the prior approval of Kombo Rent a Car.

Are there any additional services that I have to pay?

Yes, accessories such as seat for child, roof racks, winter tires, are available at a lower extra cost.
- Delivery and pickup of a vehicle outside the offices of Kombo rent a car, the return and takeover of the vehicle outside the office hours of the branch is subject to additional fees in some cases.

What types of payments do Kombo Rent a Car accept?

Komombo Rent a Car accepts credit cards:MasterCard, Maestro and Visa.