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Reservation of rent a car vehicle

Secure the desired vehicle in the high season by making a reservation on time. This is especially important for the period July - August!.

Reservation of rent a car vehicle

If you intend to drive a car car during this period, I recommend you to book a lot earlier, even 2 and 3 months earlier, if you can. Do not think I exaggerate, I advise from experience. Travel agencies, rent a car brokers and other brokers in the sale of car rental services make reservations for the season since the beginning of the year and more intensively since April. So, brokers are making reservations for the season pretty much in advance, so if you want to contact a car rental agency directly and get more favorable terms and conditions for rental in the season, you have to follow the trend so as not to get into a situation where there are no free vehicles. If you've been planning to drive a car car in July and call agencies a day or two earlier ... you do not have a chance to get to the car. In the off season it is also advisable to make a reservation and guarantee a rental car, with enough time for the agency to contact you for a few days or 10 days earlier.

If you request an offer to hire a vehicle in time, you have more choices of agencies and groups of vehicles.

NOTE: always a GROUP of vehicles is reserved, not a type or model!

So, no one will confirm your reservation that explicitly states the vehicle model (eg, Golf VII, 1.6 Diesel) but will be a confirmed group of vehicles (eg E-Golf VII, Opel Astra, Citroen C4 or similar) and you will get one of the listed vehicles or someone who is not listed, but is similar, ie corresponds to the group by size, cubic, number of doors, etc.)

There are cases when a client makes a reservation for the same rental period in more rent a car agency and then does not cancel the reservation to other agencies when deciding on one offer !! This is, of course, not the correct and painstaking behavior that has united the car rental agency in Montenegro regarding the exchange of "black list of clients". A client who in this way thinks that he will profit or blackmail agencies for the price, is terribly wrong! The names of clients who resort to such a practice are quickly exchanged between the agencies, and when he again tries to reserve a vehicle, he comes to the situation that he is undesirable, ie he will refuse all rentals and car rentals, he will no longer be able to drive a car rental car.

ADVICE: make sure you reserve a car rental on time, provide better conditions - desired group - desired term.

I recommend ONLINE reservations on our web site www.kombocar.com, which are always with a discount, ie lower price will be obtained by filling in the questionnaire on the web site than the price you will receive by phone. Our locations are at Tivat Airport, Podgorica Airport and in other locations throughout Montenegro, upon request, with an agreement with the staff of Kombo Rent a Car.